Some friendships are like our most prized possessions - a favourite old toy or a souvenir from the past. Things that we've probably misplaced or even mistreated at times, but have weathered many storms to still hold that special place in our hearts. If you look superficially, you can still see the wear and tear, the undone stitches and sewn-up holes, but it takes a keen eye to understand that these are the friendships that will always tug at our heartstrings no matter what happens or where we go. They are the ones we will always seek when we're lost, and they're the ones that will continue to guide us home when darkness falls. And just like our favourite old toys and souvenirs from childhood, these are the friends we will never give up.

The Cloudcutter

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Dew said...

Well, what can I say. I am reblogging this as you've just penned my mind.