My first video edit

I recently attended a training program for Adobe Premiere Pro and it was a little like being back in school again, sitting in those ICSE Math and Physics classes with nothing making sense. I behaved like the quintessential back-bencher, except I was actually right in the first row! I covered my notepad with scary doodles and the lyrics to Pink Floyd songs, endlessly browsed online shopping sites checking out cool gadgets that I can’t afford, but I did end up finding my current favourite perfume at a steal and promptly bought it. My partner did more or less the same, and so did half the class, and yes, we collectively spent hours every day deciding what to order for lunch and then a couple of more hours eating! We cracked lame jokes in between and nearly drove the trainer up the walls but you know what? By the end of it, we actually were a teeny bit productive. 

So despite all our boredom-induced shenanigans, we did learn how to cut and stitch videos, integrate and manipulate audio tracks, add text and get a brief introduction to Fx. Of course, none of it is going to help me unless I actually have access to the software and can regularly practice and that is… well, another story. Nevertheless, I’m glad and grateful for the opportunity. Who knows where the wind will take me but I only hope it eventually takes me in the direction of my dreams. A detour here or there wouldn’t hurt.

And here’s my first video edit. We were given two audio tracks and several video files of surfers at the beach—surfing and being interviewed. The trainer didn’t give us a brief and told us to just apply everything we’d learnt and make any kind of video that we wanted. “Just use your creativity,” he said. This was on Day 3, much before the class on adding text and Fx, so what you see is just a basic video edit. I decided to just focus on what the surfers said they liked about surfing, and integrated it with one of my favourite things to watch—birds in flight.

And here's another version that I cut of the surfing video. There are no people speaking in this one. Just the waves and music and of course, the birds!

The Cloudcutter

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