I used to think not being able to tell you was the worst thing until I discovered that I can’t talk about you to anyone else either. For once in my life, I’m absolutely sure of how I feel. There are no reservations, no doubts, no second guessing myself either. I just know and I know for sure. Come to think of it, I don’t even need to tell you because you know and you know for sure. It’s done now. Everything that had to happen in order for this to happen has happened. There’s no looking back and definitely no holding back now. We will end up where we’re supposed to. And it will be everything that we’ve imagined. Your piercing eyes set the ball in motion on the day we first met and they finally unhinged me from myself yesterday, when you demanded to be let inside. When I sat there in silence without walking away and you sat there in silence without letting me go, I knew that we’d taken the plunge well and good. There’s no denying the igniting of the flames now, we will burn and we will burn together. This is the hell that engulfs us now. This is the hell you want, my love. It's the only hell that will have you and me together. We belong. I’m incapable of breaking down the walls but I know you will scale the heights and jump in anyway. I’m waiting.

The Cloudcutter


Himanshu Tandon said...

Good one..

GG said...

Good morning, Cloud.

How are you?

After a long break, I've returned to blogging. I've closed down the Guyana blog though. I've had to. I'm experimenting elsewhere.