The rock

I couldn't say the words I love you when that was all I wanted to say.
Now I say them endlessly but they sound so hollow.
Is it because you sit there unaffected like a rock and let my love bounce off of you?
Or is it because the love is different now?
It doesn't cut me anymore with its jagged edges or drown me in its heaviness.
It doesn't keep me up at night or blind me with its brightness during the day.
It definitely does not flood my soul and marinate the pieces of me that you had once laid bare.
And when I place my naked breasts on the chest of another man, it doesn't seep out through my pores and intoxicate him with its primal scent.
It was a love that surpassed it all.
It was the love that consumed us both without leaving behind any traces.
And now that it's no longer around, it has turned into the love that will never leave either.
You continue being the rock.
While I will continue being the hollow bag that holds the tiny pebbles that bounce off you.
We will remain.

The Cloudcutter

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