About Me

My name is Gia Claudette Fernandes, and I'm an aspiring game show hostess who lives, and sometimes pretends to work, in Bombay (actually on the outskirts these days but hey, I made no promises to be accurate).
Bombay is a large slum on the west coast that pretends to be the financial hub, movie capital and India’s answer to Shanghai. To that end, it officially goes by the very noble sounding name - Mumbai.  But deep in the recesses of that large cavity inside my larger chest, I know it’s just a slum. A slum I love to live and roll about in like a happy pig in a sty.
Just like this blog.
This blog is personal.
But no one I know in real life reads it (a fact that regrettably changed a couple of years back because my ass took over my head and said it would be nice if people knew the real me. As if! Even I don't know the real me...)
It is read only by strangers who have no idea who I am or what I do or why I do the things I do. For that matter, neither do I. (This is still true I suppose. Glad that some things don't change!)
But I still blog, largely because I'd much rather not talk to most people, partly because it’s the only thing I don’t have to force myself to do, and entirely, because it involves writing.
I love writing.
Someone once said writing is simple, just cut open your veins and start. That's how I write. And love. It's also how I'd like to live.
I call myself The Cloudcutter because when I was a kid, I loved gazing at the clouds and mentally cutting them into the shapes of my imagination. Growing up, I found that writing came closest to doing that, while making it seem like I was indulging in something useful and not just day dreaming.
I write poems, short stories, letters, grocery lists, to-do lists, blog posts, loving text messages (to myself), convoluted emails (to people who ask me for favours) and smart ass comments (you'll soon find out to whom). 
Sometimes I wish that someone apart from this blog could be a witness to my life, my thoughts and feelings. I change my mind when I realize that the blog doesn't talk back, on most days at least.
I sometimes get sad, then I get sadder and some days, I am just suicidal. But then some days I'm deliriously happy, like chocolate chips on vanilla ice cream. Obviously, I never blog on these days.
I laugh too much, cry too much and dream too much. I used to think less of myself than most people think of themselves but then I got smarter. So now I just think less of everyone else (unless it's someone who can get me some real cow meat). I'm also my own worst critic (this needs to change ASAP) and best friend (this can stay the same forever).
I love music more than I like people, and if I could spend my life inside a movie or a book I would! I hate cricket, religion and compulsive liars (it's fun when I meet people who are the epitome of all three rolled into one!) I also hate bad parents and child molesters, and if I could snatch little kids away from mean adults and keep them with me I would.
Once, I fell on my head and had a Hallmark-inspired epiphany. That’s when I wrote this:
Things that rock my world:
sunsets, mountains, watching sunsets from mountains, yellow roses and pink wine, dark dark dark chocolate, cold cuts and cheese, tuna salad, mint after coffee, coffee after a brownie, tight hugs that last a lifetime, the smell of wet earth, squishy sand between my toes, memories, lots of memories, that place, that house that's always in my heart, writing my heart out, singing out loud, listening to my favourite songs in a loop, fabulous photography, and the beautiful brown eyes of a dog...
The good news is that it didn’t last very long. The bad news is that it’s all true!
If you like what you read here, please let me know. If you don’t like what you read here, please let yourself know. You owe yourself the truth!
Ideally, I would love to receive a lot of insightful, encouraging and inspiring comments on my blog posts. But if you can’t manage that or feel the need to spill out some of your deepest darkest secrets or you just have a compelling need to write to crazy people you come across on the Internet, then I can be reached at thecloudcutter[at]gmail[dot]com
Hate mail goes straight to spam, love mail goes straight to trash. Everything else, I have trained my dog to read and reply to. Wait, I don’t have a dog. I do have a blog. Why do I have a blog? Go back to the top of the page…


Grace Personified said...

I like the new 'about me' :)

Arshaan said...

dejavu !!

Surreal said...

You are beautiful and you write even more beautiful :)

Joe Pinto said...

My dear CC,

One more section needed in "About Me" -- taken from your "That Girl" and edited by me.


"This is me. Sensitive and emotional, irreverent and frivolous, spontaneous and fun, big on dreams and low on self-discipline, scared to love and be loved, but still bares her heart each time.

"I want to pack my entire being in a bag light enough to string across my shoulders; carry my world with me everywhere I go. But just the core of me, everything else should be empty and bare, with space for more: new people, new experiences.

"All I want to do is travel and write, love with all my heart, and live with every breath. All I want to be is Daddy's girl and make him proud of me, once again."


Insert at an apt place.

Peace and love,
- Joe.

Joe Ragland said...

This is just lovely and so are you, "my dobbleganger here n there" :)